fleec|y [ `flisi ] adjective
something fleecy looks or feels soft and light, especially because it is made of fleece:
a fleecy jacket/cloud

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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  • Fleecy — Flee cy, a. Covered with, made of, or resembling, a fleece. Fleecy flocks. Prior. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • fleecy — [flēs′ē] adj. fleecier, fleeciest 1. made of or covered with fleece 2. like fleece; soft and light [fleecy snow] fleecily adv. fleeciness n …   English World dictionary

  • fleecy — 1560s, from FLEECE (Cf. fleece) + Y (Cf. y) (2) …   Etymology dictionary

  • fleecy — [adj] downy, woolly; like a lamb’s coat floccose, flocculent, fluffy, hairy, hirsute, lanose, pileous, pilose, shaggy, soft, whiskered; concept 606 …   New thesaurus

  • fleecy — [[t]fli͟ːsi[/t]] 1) ADJ: usu ADJ n Fleecy clothes, blankets, or other objects are made of a soft light material. ...fleecy walking jackets. 2) ADJ GRADED Something that is fleecy is light and soft in appearance. It was a lovely afternoon with a… …   English dictionary

  • fleecy — UK [ˈfliːsɪ] / US [ˈflɪsɪ] adjective Word forms fleecy : adjective fleecy comparative fleecier superlative fleeciest something fleecy looks or feels soft and light, especially because it is made of fleece a fleecy jacket/cloud …   English dictionary

  • fleecy — adjective (fleecier; est) Date: 1590 covered with, made of, or resembling fleece < a fleecy winter coat > …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • fleecy — fleecily, adv. fleeciness, n. /flee see/, adj., fleecier, fleeciest. covered with, consisting of, or resembling a fleece or wool: soft, fleecy clouds. [1560 70; FLEECE + Y1] * * * …   Universalium

  • fleecy — fleec|y [ˈfli:si] adj soft and woolly, or looking soft and woolly ▪ fleecy white towels …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • fleecy — adjective (fleecier, fleeciest) 1》 made of or lined with a soft, warm fabric. 2》 white and fluffy looking: fleecy clouds. Derivatives fleeciness noun …   English new terms dictionary

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